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Businesses in the Bryansk region saved almost 60 million rubles due to the zeroing of import customs duty rates

Published: February 20, 2024 09:00

From March 2022 to March 2023, companies in the Bryansk region saved almost 60 million rubles by zeroing import customs duty rates

Over 15 companies in the region took advantage of this financial and economic measure, which was established by the Russian Government to support participants in foreign economic activity and saturate the domestic market in the face of sanctions pressure

Bryansk firms imported wastepaper, adhesives, ferrous metal products, threads and fabrics, etc.

Bryansk companies imported duty-free

Dmitry Masharov, first deputy head of Bryansk customs, explained that even now business representatives can take advantage of support measures: “Businesses can save on imports of many commodity sub-items. For example, until the end of April 2025 a zero rate applies to the import of fabrics for the production of outerwear, aniline and its salts, cocoa paste and cocoa butter. Zero rates on a number of agricultural machinery are in effect until June 2024.”

For reference:

Zero rates of import duties were imposed on a wide range of critical import goods and were valid from March to September 2022. Then the preferential measure affected medicines and medical devices, raw materials for food production and packaging materials, microelectronics, metallurgy products. In total – more than a thousand commodity items.

These support measures were later extended until March 2023. The 0% import duty rate continued to apply to 328 items of goods. As of today, this financial and economic measure is still in effect on imports of a number of goods.

Afterwards, these support measures were extended until March 2023

Ekaterina Masterenko,

Secretary of Bryansk customs


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