Central Customs Administration

Voronezh customs officers uncovered a shipment of unmarked sneakers in the city center

Published: May 24, 2024 09:00

Officers of the customs control service after the release of goods of the Voronezh customs revealed 102 pairs of unmarked sneakers of well-known foreign brands. The batch of illegal products was discovered during an inspection of a retail outlet on Koltsovskaya Street in Voronezh

 “Bearing in mind the absence of labeling on the boxes, as well as any accompanying documents, the decision was made to seize the goods,” – said the head of the department of control over importation and turnover of goods of Voronezh customs Sergey Khominich.

Materials transferred to the store were checked for the transfer of goods

The materials of the inspection have been transferred for further decision-making to the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. In accordance with Article 171.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (storage, transportation or sale of goods without labeling), the entrepreneur faces a penalty ranging from a large fine to three years in prison

Customs officials remind that in accordance with the Rules for marking footwear goods with means of identification, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on July 5, 2019 № 860, from July 1, 2020 the import and circulation of footwear goods without marking them with means of identification on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

Anastasia Pavlova,
spokesperson of Voronezh Customs
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