Central Customs Administration

Tula Customs recovered 15 million rubles from an organization for importing a machine tool

Published: May 20, 2024 15:00

Tula customs officers have discovered a customs payment arrears of more than 15 million rubles on imports of a lathe. The fact of non-payment was revealed during the inspection of documents and information in the framework of post-control

The used machine tool was imported from Belgium in February 2022. During customs declaration, the organization declared an import duty rate of 5%. During the desk customs audit, it was revealed that this equipment is subject to an import duty rate of 30%, as it is manufactured in the USA (Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 06.07.2018 No. 788)

The amount of unpaid customs payments to the budget amounted to more than 15 million rubles. The Tula Customs Service recovered the additional customs payments in full from the federal budget

Customs in cooperation with tax authorities carry out inspections within three years after the release of goods. Since the beginning of 2024, Tula Customs has conducted 59 post-control checks. According to their results, 244 million rubles have been additionally charged, 235 million rubles have been recovered from the state,” said Deputy Head of Tula Customs – Head of Service Alexander Peleshin

Svetlana Begunova,
press-secretary of the Tula Customs
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