Buryat customs officers detained sausage, infected with African swine fever virus

Buryat customs officers detained sausage, infected with African swine fever

2.4 kg of sausage found Buryat customs officers in the Luggage of a passenger at the airport of Ulan-Ude. A Chinese citizen arrived in Buryatia from Beijing. Veterinary examination revealed the sausage African swine fever virus.

The import of pork products from China is prohibited. Despite this, the passenger at the customs control, chose “green corridor”, stating that that is not in itself prohibited or restricted the cross-border movement of goods. When the x-ray scanning of Luggage on the monitor screen highlight objects of organic origin. The subsequent customs inspection, the inspector found in a suitcase 19 pieces of sausages. As explained by the passenger, the sausage he bought the mother on the market in Beijing before departure.

A citizen of China Buryat customs has opened 2 cases about administrative violations (for failure to comply with prohibitions and restrictions and Declaration of goods).

Sausage seized products be destroyed.


According to the letter of the Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance from 15.08.2018 №FS-NV-7/19992, in order to prevent drift from the territory of the PRC of the African plague of pigs on territory of the Russian Federation, imposed the import ban in hand Luggage and Luggage products from pork and products containing pork for personal use and restrictions on exports of these products to the Russian Federation from the entire territory of people’s Republic of China.

Evgeny Kurbatov, press Secretary of the Buryat customs, tel. (3012)289-078