Bryansk customs officers have filed over a hundred cases of administrative offenses in respect of “forgetful” entrepreneurs

They violated the terms of the submission to the customs statistical accounting forms or forgot to send them at all

The statistical form shall be required to provide the custom of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in trade with the member States of the EEU. In less than three months of this year in Bryansk customs received over 4.5 thousand of the statistical forms, and most of them refer to trade with the Republic of Belarus, since this state borders the Bryansk oblast.

– The direction in the custom of such reporting is mandatory, but not all Bryansk firms remember about the administrative liability for failure or breach of the terms of the submission to the customs office of statistical forms, as a result, since the beginning of the year brought 115 cases of administrative offences, – has told the Deputy chief of Bryansk customs Maxim Zhigalkin. We are working jointly with the tax authorities, therefore, to conceal the fact of trade with the countries outside the Eurasian economic Union is not possible.

A statistical form that you can fill and send through the service “Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign trade activities” on the website of the FCS of Russia ( using the electronic signature (ES) or sent to the customs office on paper.

The process of submission of information on mutual trade greatly simplifies the use of electronic signatures. Many entrepreneurs have already taken advantage of EP: more than 72% of the statistical forms in the Bryansk customs sent electronically.

Reference: violations of deadlines for submission of statistical forms article 19.7.13 administrative code, which provides for the imposition of the administrative penalty on officials in the amount from 10 to 15 thousand rubles, on legal entities – from 20 to 50 thousand rubles. For a second offense the fines increase and are: for officials from 20 to 30 thousand rubles, for legal entities – from 50 to 100 thousand rubles.

You can get advice in the Department of customs statistics of the Bryansk customs at: 67-17-26, 67-06-28, 67-06-29.

Catherine Masterenko,

press Secretary of the Bryansk customs