Belgorod customs: 28 years from the date of formation

Belgorod customs: 28 years from the date of formation

Belgorod customs formed February 14, 1992 by order of the State customs Committee of the Russian Federation. In difficult times began service of the Belgorod customs. There was virtually nothing: no premises, no equipment, no uniforms and warm clothes. But had a great desire, great enthusiasm, dedication, team a few new customs to understand the customs of science, to build a custom, to equip the border and to adequately protect the economic frontiers of the new Russia.

Today Belgorod customs is one of the largest customs offices in the Central region of Russia. The length of the border with Ukraine in the area of km 540,9 is the structure of the Belgorod customs has 11 customs posts: MAPP nekhoteevka, Belgorod, Shebekino them. V. A. Danko, valuyskiy, Graivoronsky, Stary Oskol, Gubkin, Novooskolskiy, checkpoint Rovenky, Alexis and proletarian. In the region of customs activities there are 8 automobile border crossings, 2 railway and air border crossing point Airport – Belgorod.

The chief of the Belgorod customs Alexei Arkhipov congratulating his subordinates said: “the Secret of success of Belgorod customs – is the work of a team of professionals and like-minded people caring and responsible, bright and talented. Our relatively young team, the average age of officers which 43, number 1303 of a man with honor to cope with the tasks. Along with 826 men are 477 women. “Golden Fund of the customs of the” veterans of the customs service. Belgorod branch of all-Russian Union of veterans of customs service has a membership of 277 people, including – 103 working veterans of the customs service”.

On the scale undertaken by the Belgorod customs officers work the following figures: since 1992, over 28 years of experience as a customs transferred to the Federal budget of nearly 370 billion rubles, decorated 433 million tons of cargo, 993 thousands of customs declarations and foreign trade turnover for this period amounted to over 102 billion US dollars.

Irina Gigova
Press Secretary of the Belgorod customs