Baltic CED has registered more than 250 thousand goods declarations for 2019

In the Baltic customs has summarized the work of the customs post of the Baltic (Baltic CED – center for electronic Declaration) for 2019. Throughout the year the post was under active concentration Declaration, in the process improving activities, introducing new approaches and technologies in the work.

For 2019 CED was 251 496 declarations for goods, which is more than 74% of all declarative array of the Baltic customs. At the same time, taking into account the existing organizational arrangements and the percentage of Declaration to the end of the year amounted to 96% of the total number of customs declarations processed by the Baltic customs.

The Federal budget collected customs duties in excess of 309,5 billion rubles.

Customs Declaration of goods in the Baltic CED implemented 9783 participant of foreign economic activity, including the largest regional manufacturers.

– One of the priorities in 2019 for the Baltic CED has been a reduction in the issuance and processing of goods declarations, – said the Deputy head of the Baltic customs post Evgeny Kruglik. – Average time to issue risk-free customs declarations for imports in half, from 2:09 to 1:28 hours. The average time of issue risk-free export declarations amounted to 20 minutes.

In 2019, almost 88% of export declarations submitted to the EDC, were registered automatically. 66% of the export goods declarations submitted by the traders low-risk, released in automatic mode.

With regard to import declarations, in 2019 the Baltic CED was automatically registered 41% of total import, the Declaration of the array. The same percentage of the import goods declarations submitted by traders to the low level of risk was avtovybor. In order to improve this indicator, the Baltic EDC is constantly monitoring customs declarations that have not been auto-registration, analysis of causes of failure in auto-enrollment, working with traders, makes a mistake in filling of declarations on the goods, and also send proposals to the customs authorities on the finalization of the software.

In 2019, officials of the Baltic CED has identified 35 million units of counterfeit products.

Opened 256 cases of administrative offenses, of which 191 – for contrebandiers compounds. As a result, imposed administrative penalties, resulting in fines totaling more than 2.2 million rubles.

Reference: the Center for electronic Declaration in the Baltic customs has been functioning since summer of 2016. It was originally located in the building of the customs post “Bronka” with a small staff. In the framework of the program of modernization and development Center moved into the Federal space and is located on the street Dvina. In November 2019 was completed all activities for the full functioning of the Centre: increased number of staff have completed a number of organizational, technical measures for equipment office equipment, systems of ventilation, conditioning, repairs on the premises to create a comfortable environment for officials. Today, the Baltic experiment, the CED also performs operations related to the filing of the Declaration of goods in sea ports, which are located in the region of Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Vyborg and Kingisepp customs. In 2020 it is planned that all goods moved by sea transport through the ports located in the North-West Federal district will be handled in the Baltic CED.

Alina Schmidt,
press Secretary of the Baltic customs