April 30 – the Day of formation of the Smolensk customs

His 29th birthday, the team meets the customs in the fight against the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

Despite these circumstances, the festive period Smolensk customs officers meet hard work, ensuring the smooth design of border-crossing of goods at all customs posts, including in the period declared in Russia holidays.

With the beginning of the year to the Federal budget lists more than 46 billion rubles, prepared more than 54,6 thousand goods declarations, more than 12 thousand of them decorated in an automatic mode without participation of the inspector. According to these indicators, custom is one of the leading customs of the Central customs administration.

When this priority is the clearance of commodities and food, the list of which is determined by the government.

These include medical supplies (PPE, disinfectants, antiseptics, soap, toothpaste, washing powder, a number of children’s products, etc.) and food products (canned food, sugar, salt, water, flour, butter and sunflower, pasta, cereals, some vegetables, etc.).

– Electronic Declaration, the goods are cleared on a priority basis and the most qualified inspectors. They organized a “green corridor”. For the operational solution of issues related to the performance of customs operations with these goods in the Smolensk customs operates the call center, – said the head of customs Vladislav Easy.

He also noted that an important aspect in the work of the customs is to fight against crimes and offenses in the customs sphere.

In January – April 2020 Smolensk customs office opened 12 criminal. Criminal cases connected with evasion from payment of customs duties, smuggling of potent substances, evasion from execution of duties for the repatriation of funds and smuggling of cultural property.

In the course of administrative proceedings initiated 864 cases on administrative violations, imposed penalties for the sum more than 283 million roubles.

Through the work of the mobile groups to prevent the import of sanctioned goods by officials of the Department to control the importation and trafficking of goods Smolensk customs during this period, the control was exercised in respect of more than 3 thousand vehicles. Identified 101 vehicle with goods possessing the characteristics of the goods separate categories. Deported back to RB 50 consignments destroyed together with the Rosselkhoznadzor 24 consignments with a total weight of 400 tons, in respect of the remaining consignments test events are held.

Chief state customs inspector

public relations V. L. Safonov