Annunciation customs officials organized an exhibition dedicated to the International day of customs officer and the customs

Historical exhibition about the Blagoveshchensk customs was organized in the Amur regional library Annunciation customs. The opening ceremony was attended by the management of customs, veterans of the customs service, as well as students of the Amur state University.

This is the seventeenth exhibition (7th international held in Heihe, China), which presents the material on law enforcement and socio-economic activities of the customs.

At the exhibition more than 200 materials. This photo of the everyday work of customs officers, videos, and videos about the history, customs, pictures of detained smuggled goods, publications, Newspapers and magazines, press releases Blagoveshchensk customs, telling of the activities of the customs authority. Presented creative work of officers: paintings, embroidery, crafts.

According to the Blagoveshchensk customs chief Mikhail Sorokin, organizing such an exhibition, we wanted as many people as possible learned about the difficult and responsible the work of customs officers, and also to show the creativity of our officers.


The first exhibition organized by Blagoveshchensk customs was held in Blagoveshchensk in September 2001. She was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the State customs Committee of the Russian Federation.

The second exhibition was international status, was held in 2004 in Heihe, China.

International customs day celebrated on 26 January.

Day of education of Blagoveshchensk customs, 27 Jan.

Drachev Ivan,

a press-the Secretary of the Blagoveshchensk customs, 8 (4162) 236279