A third of the violations of customs regulations at Krasnoyarsk airport in 2019 was connected with the Declaration

In 2019 the results of customs control in international air crossing of the Krasnoyarsk airport was initiated 1172 of the administrative offense (AP) – almost a third of whom were excited at the fact of not declaring in the prescribed form of goods subject to customs Declaration (part 1 of article 16.2 Cao RF). And compared with 2018 the number of cases of AP has doubled, from 219 (in 2018) to 470 (2019).

Passengers who violate customs rules, would not allow that, if studied in advance a list of goods subject to customs Declaration, filled the passenger customs Declaration.

By the way, you can fill it in two ways: directly before passing of customs control in paper or in electronic form, which is much more convenient. Thus, the electronic submission of the passenger customs Declaration allows you to speed up the recruitment process and to minimize the risk of committing errors in the process of declaring, faster to pass the customs control, to eliminate subjective factors and corruption.

For filing the passenger customs Declaration in electronic form, you must use the information service “of the Passenger customs Declaration” in the Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign trade activities: https://edata.customs.ru/FtsPersonalCabinetWeb2017/, fill in a Declaration form to test it and send in the automated system of customs authorities. After that, the person who filed the customs Declaration, notification of assignment of the passenger customs Declaration of the provisional numbers, which specifies a unique identification number (UIN). Obtained the win along with the identity document, you must provide the authorized person of the customs body for customs control.

When submitting the passenger customs Declaration on paper be aware that from February 1, 2020, its form has changed dramatically, and the old version is no longer taken.

Anna Pomaskina,

the press Secretary of the Krasnoyarsk customs