25 Jun Chita customs celebrates 35 years since its formation

June 25, 2020 marks 35 years since the formation of the Chita customs. Today, as part of the Chita customs 12 customs posts, two of them – the largest in the far East: MAPP Zabaikalsk and checkpoint Zabaikalsk. Chita customs is one of the largest in number among the customs of far East customs office. The staff of the customs – more than 800 people.

As the chief of the Chita customs Konstantin Starodubtsev, in 2019, the customs transferred to the Federal budget more than 21 billion rubles, for 5 months in 2020 – more than 6 billion rubles.

The main exports in 2020 in the region of the Chita customs made up of mineral products of 80.2%. Also exported wood and paper products – by 12.6%, food products and agricultural raw materials – 4.3 percent.

Main imported goods: engineering products – 49,7%, food products and agricultural cheese of 22.8%, construction materials – by 8.7%. For 5 months of this year released 8629 declarations for goods.

In the region of the Chita customs carry out foreign trade operations 725 participants of foreign economic activity.

One of the most important trading partner remains China, trade with which made up 98.9% of turnover.


25 June 1985 by the Ministry of Foreign trade of the USSR № 309 Chita Zabaykalsky customs post customs transformed into the Chita customs. During this period, the customs had carried out activities on customs clearance and control of military transport and special aircraft, and regular flights to Mongolia, as well as Luggage and hand Luggage of citizens, moved by trucks and in containers.

The length of the state border in the region of the Chita customs is 1098 km, the Length of the border with China is 863 km, Mongolia 235 km.

In the region of the Chita customs is 12 customs posts: Chita, AGINSKY, Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky, DAPPA Top ul’khun, Priargunsky, DAPPA Olochi, Solov’ev, Borzinskiy, DAPPA Starocherkasskiy, MAPP Zabaikalsk, Zabaikalsk checkpoint, Zabaykalsky customs post. In the region of the Chita customs are 8 border crossing points: 4 – at the Russian-Chinese border, 3 on the Russian-Mongolian and one air border crossing point “Airport Chita”.

In the region of the Chita customs operates 4 warehouses of temporary storage: PJSC “TransContainer”, LLC “TLT-Zabaykal’sk”, LLC “DVTG-Terminal”, LLC Firm “Quartz” and 5 duty free shops of JSC “KAPO Duty Free”.


Marina Boiko, press Secretary Chita customs

tel: (3022) 35-76-12