210 million international mail: only parcels subject to customs post of the Urals 5 years

210 million international mail: only parcels subject to customs post of the Urals 5 years

Daily 75 of the customs post post check over 115 thousand small packets. The first shipments arrived from China on aircraft. Late for the carriage of international mail to address individuals connected road transport. 2019 applied a multimodal method of delivery: parcels from China are transported by sea to Vladivostok, and from there by trucks to the capital of the Urals.

Today, mail arrives in Ekaterinburg from all over the world. Every year, increasing the number of small packages from Europe and North America, but the leading place, as before, is China.

2017 koltsovsky customs process and export the mail. In the three years abroad, individuals sent more than 90 thousand small packets. Mostly the recipients of these parcels reside in Europe. The most popular of the expelled products are authentic national items antique, do not have cultural and historical value.

For 5 years the customs officers were not allowed in the country 22 thousands of small parcels with prohibited and restricted for shipment things. It is a narcotic and potent substances, objects, bladed weapons, dual-use goods, “spy” devices, cultural values, counterfeit goods and illegal fishing gear. Excited at 640 administrative cases assigned to more than 40 million of fines and confiscated goods in one million roubles.

“Since the creation of the post is an experimental platform for implementation of promising customs technologies in the design of the forwarded goods: it and specialized software to track frequency movement of goods, and a simplified procedure of issue of export parcels, and the technology of automatic processing of mail, and the technology of information interaction of the authorized operator with the customs authorities for goods for personal use transported within the e-Commerce. The volume of processed mail post ranks second after the Moscow region”, – commented first Deputy head of Ural customs administration Alexei Frolov.

“Many years of joint work with the Koltsovo customs allowed Ekaterinburg to gain and hold on the last time the status of a regional leader of Russia for the handling of parcel traffic from China. Close cooperation with the Ural customs administration, and joint implementation of new technological solutions allows IGO Koltsovo to successfully pass peak seasons and process an international shipment in shortest possible time”, – said the Deputy of logistics Director of macro-region Ural Mail of Russia Sergey Volegov.

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