175 years of the Novorossiysk customs

30 June 1845 the Emperor Nicholas I, the Emperor has deigned to command: “Open in Novorossiysk port to receive the incoming from abroad, the courts of the Russian and foreign, established in Novorossiysk customs Outpost…”.

Novorossiysk customs is one of the oldest in the South of Russia. It traces its history almost since the founding of the city. A major role in the establishment of friendly relations with the mountaineers played General Nikolay Raevsky, one of the founders of Novorossiysk. He first proposed the creation of a customs Outpost, hold bazaars to sell mountaineers of necessary goods, salt, iron products, in General, everything but arms. His work was continued by Admiral Serebryakov. Thanks to Lazar Markovic in the strengthening of Novorossiysk there was a civil settlement that marked the beginning of the appearance of the city.

The first head of customs was a court counselor Ignatius gelfenbein Lonkevich. Novorossiysk customs conducted customs formalities for the reception of vessels charged duty and fighting smuggling. In 1846, the customs were commanded “…for grants to the cities of Anapa and Novorossiysk annually deduct in favor of their continuation in the 30 years the fifth part of the fees received in institutions in these customs areas. The amount of these to pay for the maintenance of local control, and the remains of the towns and different useful add-on businesses…”

In 1846 in Novorossiysk visited 17 vessels from foreign ports and 102 of the Russian. Goods imported was worth more than 10 thousand rubles, exported almost 14 thousand. 2 years later these figures have doubled. And since the opening of the railway, and even more. Trade with other countries was gaining momentum. In 1889 came the port 153 of the ship, in 1893, Mr. 248, 1910 – 487.

Today, the region of Novorossisk customs covers the South-West of the Krasnodar territory. The total length of the customs border of the coast line is 164 km and deepens to 12 nautical miles in the Black sea. Customs is the border.

In the structure of the Novorossiysk customs, seven customs posts – Anapa, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk Western, Central Novorossiysk, Novorossiysk South-East, Primorsky, Russia (the electronic Declaration center), and 40 subdivisions – with more than 750 highly qualified professionals.

Custom is a leader in value and weight indicators of foreign trade within the customs of the southern customs Department, the transfer of funds to the Federal budget accounts for almost half of the total target task management.

For 5 months 2020 to the Federal budget was listed on all types of customs duties about 35 billion rubles, decorated 47,6 thousand customs declarations, about 16 million transit declarations. Import-export operations according to customs declarations made more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, the volume of trade amounted to about 33 million tons of cargo. Across the border the Eurasian economic Union in the region of activity of customs proceeded 2.3 thousand ships and more than 160 thousand containers, carried out the customs control in relation to 40 thousand individuals. About 4 thousand participants of foreign trade activities carry out export-import operations in the region of Novorossiysk customs.

One of the elements of control of origin of goods is the control of prohibited to import into the territory of the EAEU of goods. As a result of work in this area in 2019 was an established fact import more than 12 tons of “sanctions” product of Spain “blanched almonds” and foiled an attempt to import of goods from Ukraine “dressing tomato soup”, weighing over 2 tons. Implemented 42 of the suspension of release of goods, there are about 10.5 million pieces of counterfeit goods (goods with the symbols of FIFA, BMW toy, toys, MY LITTLE PONY, pastry, Surprise, shoes CHANEL, SKF bearings, bags and shoes NIKE, ADIDAS). The amount of avoided damage, according to the intellectual property right holders amounted to more than 6 million rubles.

The result of law enforcement was initiated 1173 cases on administrative offences and 29 criminal cases. Transferred to designated organizations, the court turned to state income, property at 56 cases of administrative offences for the sum more than 12,7 million roubles.

20 September 2018 began its work of Novorossiysk customs post (the electronic Declaration Center), which in 2019 were issued approximately 84,1 thousand goods declarations, weighing a total of approximately 45.2 million tons, a statistical value of about 15.8 billion dollars. USA. In July 2019, at Novorossiysk, the EDC has begun the gradual concentration of declaring goods arriving through the ports of the SFD. Today in Novorossiysk CED provided the concentration of goods transported by water transport in UTAH (except for goods located in the region of Astrakhan, the t/p and t/p Sea port of Olya in the Astrakhan customs Declaration data of goods to be redirected to Novorossiysk CED after the reorganization of Astrakhan CED related to the creation of e-customs in South and South EDC).

The chief of Novorossisk customs the General-the major of customs service Vladimir Litvin addressed to the veterans of the customs service and the personnel of the customs:

“Dear colleagues! Dear veterans of the customs service!

On behalf of management and from me personally accept my congratulations on the 175th anniversary since the formation of the Novorossiysk customs!

Day education Novorossiysk customs is not only an opportunity to share their achievements, but also a good reason to make the close connection times, the common aspirations of many generations of customs officers to serve the Fatherland, faithful to do their civic duty, to carry their difficult service, steadily following the framework of current legislation and accepted the oath.

Today Novorossiysk customs – reliable, well-oiled machine, it’s billions of dollars in transfer payments to the Federal budget, stable performance and, of course, a close-knit, highly professional team that successfully performs the tasks set by the government and the customs service.

For the achieved economic indicators – daily intense work of the customs officers, demands professionalism, diversified knowledge, high responsibility. Years of experience, professional and creative potential of the Novorossiysk customs, enables us to confidently look to the future and to outline an even higher level.

This is a milestone for our custom day, I thank all staff for their conscientious service and dedication, veterans of the customs service for professional and life experience that they pass on to the younger generation customs. I want to Express hope that the young people who care about the future of the country, will be the support and pride of our profession. I wish you all continued success in the economic protection of Russia, prosperity and good health! All the best to you and your family!”

A video dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the Novorossiysk customs