125 vehicles came under suspicion of the Chita customs officers after the inspection non-Intrusive inspection systems

Chita customs officers carried 3648 inspections of vehicles using non-Intrusive inspection systems (NIIS) for 4 months 2020 To a result of 125 vehicles came under suspicion.

Customs officers mounted 16 failure to the customs body of information, or providing false information about transported goods and vehicles. The violations, which opened 13 cases on administrative offences and 2 criminal cases. In 16 cases, the decision about the refusal to release the goods.

As explained by the head of Department of use of vehicle inspection stations of the Chita customs Bator of Tsydendambaev, as a result of customs inspections with the use of an IIR for the last period of this year, was discovered undeclared goods: more than 4 tons of fruits and vegetables and more than 42 tons of consumer goods.

Among the non-declared goods more than 34 tons of consumer goods, the customs officers found the vehicles to the Republic of Belarus. According to the facts police initiated 3 cases of administrative offences.

In April 2020 with the use of the DCO inspected the vehicle, next to England. Employees of the Chita customs in the inspection of the vehicle revealed more than 1.3 tonnes of undeclared goods, a criminal case on an administrative offence.

Prevented the move in China: 20 gold bars weighing more than 1.3 kg, with a total value of more than 3.5 million rubles, derivatives (233 saiga horns and 15 fragments of mammoth tusks), gas pistol model MP-654K “Baikal”.


In the region of the Chita customs IDK stationed in the village of Zabaikalsk on the border with China and work at a customs post MAPP Zabaikalsk, Zabaikalsk checkpoint. Chita has a custom stationary and two mobile IDK IDK.

Inspection complexes (IDC) allow for a minimum time without opening and unloading a cargo vehicle to obtain its image and the image of the transported goods with the characteristics, allowing to identify the goods, to detect items prohibited for carriage, and conduct an indicative estimate of the amount of goods transported.

Marina Boiko, press Secretary Chita customs

tel: (3022) 35-76-12