1.3 million tons of wood were exported by the traders through the customs post of checkpoint Naushki for 7 months 2020

For 7 months 2020 at the customs post of the Buryat checkpoint Naushki customs held customs control in respect of 1.3 million tons of timber.

During this period the share of wood products amounted to 41.5% of total turnover, moved through the railway checkpoint. Among wood species prevailed: common pine, Siberian stone pine, larch, spruce, Siberian fir.

95% of all timber exported in the form of lumber, the rest of the volume of wood products (kitchen utensils, Cabinet makers, carpentry, decorative items). The leader among the recipients of timber remains China.

For 7 months of the current year customs officers of the customs conducted 70 examinations and 64 customs inspection of consignments of wood.

As told the acting head of the customs office checkpoint Naushki Sergei Coffins, at the present time in the Russian Federation, the acute problem of the rule of law in the sphere of export of wood. The export of timber and timber products from harvesting to departure from the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union is accompanied by a large number of risk situations. At the checkpoint is both documentary and actual customs control. Most inspectors are limited to observation and inspection, using technical means. But if there is suspicion of a violation, to inspect with full unloading of cars, and the dimension of each unit of timber and lumber. In case of revealing serious violations of the declarant threatens not administrative, and criminal liability, as the timber are strategic resources.

According to Sergei Grabova, the most frequently occurring violations – statement of false information on the number and volume of transported products, the presence of forest species, other than those specified in the Declaration, “masking” of round timber treated timber, the so-called grubokolotaya wood.

This know-how in recent years, when entrepreneurs try to evade the payment of customs duties established by the state on the export of round timber at rates ranging from 15 percent to 80 percent of the customs value, while for treated wood approved a zero rate. But some exporters do not want to engage in the timber processing and trying to pass off as lumber hastily brasoveanu wood that does not meet any standards. So, as a result of 12 searches the lumber revealed a 46.5 robocasting cubic meters of timber.

For 7 months 2020 on the facts of violations in the export of timber Buryat customs has opened 48 cases of administrative offences and 4 cases. Seized more than 350 cubic meters of sawn timber worth over 3.5 million rubles.

Evgeny Kurbatov, press Secretary of the Buryat customs

tel: (3012) 289 078