Federal Customs Service :: WCO workshop for the CIS countries in the Russian Customs Academy (RCA)

WCO workshop for the CIS countries in the Russian Customs Academy (RCA)

On March 27, 2006 the five-day workshop Methods of diagnostication of customs of customs authorities opened in the Regional Training Center (RTC) of the World Customs Organization (WCO). Seven CIS member-countries take part in its work to represent customs authorities of Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Kazakstan, Moldova, Russia and Uzbekistan.

At the opening of the workshop Alexander Podschisctchayev, Deputy Chief of the Academy on international contacts took the floor to put in remembrance that the RTC of WCO was established in 2002 with the mission to promote training of personnel employed by customs services of the CIS countries.

In his turn, Igor Miasoyedov, Deputy Chief of Department of Customs Cooperation (DCC) of the FCS of Russia pointed out that the meeting organized on the initiative the Secretary General of the WCO and the administration of Russian customs service was held with the purpose of implementation of the Frame standards for safeguarding and facilitating of international trade international trade safety and facilitation, approved at the session of World cCustoms Organization (WCO) in June of 2005.

 At the present time, 125 member-countries of the WCO, uniting 169 national customs administrations, expressed the willingness to introduce the Frame standards into their day-to-day activities. However, owing to a different level of development of customs authorities in different countries, the process of implementation of the Frame standards can not be uniform.

 Rates and forms of practical transition to these standards depend upon a number of factors: compliance of a national legislation with the tasks of implementation of the standards; the extent of application of modern IT- technologies by customs; the availability of developed customs infrastructure and, finally, professional skill of personnel.

According to I.Miasoyedov, for the purpose of rendering to national customs administration of technical assistance in the field of application of the Frame standards, the WCS specialists have launched a program of workshops, aimed at prioritizing of international co-operation in terms of preparation of customs services for a successful implementation of these standards.

In this connection, Vitaly Mikeladze, one of the leading WCO specialists stressed that all world countries are subdivided into 6 regional groups. The CIS countries, including Russia, belong to the European region. The WCO is unable to conduct an independent study of state of affairs in all world customs administrations and to draw a complex of measures for their preparation for application of the Frame standards. This resulted in adoption by the WCO of a dedicated program Columbus with an assignment to provide training of specialists of national customs services. These very specialists will have to be the first to master the methods of diagnostication of customs administrations and, armed with these methods, to develop recommendations on technical assistance rendered by the WCO subject to conditions specific to each state.

In respect of the CIS countries, including Russian Federation, this program has been launched beginning from January.

Details of the current implementation stage of the program Columbus, taking place in the Regional training center of the WCO, were unfolded by Ernani Cekucci, an expert-member of this international organization. He stated, in particular, that the workshop was intended to meet a maximum possible amount of requirements of the CIS customs services and to facilitate definition of priorities of their institutional development. E.Cekucci advised that, beginning from June, 2005 to June, 2007, the WCO intends to render diverse technical assistance to customs services of 80 countries of the world.

Upon completion of the events work its participants will be granted diplomas, enabling them to get down to carrying out of diagnostication of their own national customs administrations with the view of the most advantages application of the WCO potential in implementing of the Frame standards of safeguarding and facilitating of international trade.

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