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  1. In this section the term "pellets" means the products, agglomerated or pressed, or made with the addition of bonding compound in quantity which is not exceeding 3 weight fr.%
Group 06. Live trees and other plants; Bulbs, roots and similar parts of plants; Freshly cut flowers and decorative greens
Group 07. Vegetables and some edible; Root vegetables and tuber crops
Group 08. Edible fruit and nuts; Paring and peel of citreous or melons
Group 09. Coffee, tea, mate or Paraguay tea, and spices
Group 10. Gramineous plants
Group 11. Products of flour-and-cereals industry; Malt; Starch; Inulin; Gluten of wheat
Group 12. Oil bearing seeds; Other seeds, fruit and grain; Medicinal plants and plants for technical purposes; Straw and fodder
Group 13. Shellac natural, not purified; Of gum, resin and other vegetative juices and extracts
Group 14. Materials of plants for making whickered products; Other products of vegetative origin, not specified or included in other items

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