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  1. This section does not include:
    1. finished inks, inks or other products on the basis of metallic scales or powder (commodity items 3207 - 3210, 3212, 3213 or 3215);
    2. ferrocerium or other ignition alloys (commodity item 3606);
    3. headwear or their parts of сommodity item 6506 or 6507;
    4. frames of umbrellas or other products of сommodity item 6603;
    5. goods of group 71 (e.g., precious metals alloys, basic metals, clad with precious metals, bijouterie);
    6. products of section XVI (machines, equipment, mechanical appliances and electrical goods);
    7. assembled links of railroad or tramway tracks (commodity item 8608) or other products of section XVII (transport means, ships and boats, aircraft);
    8. devices or equipment of section XVIII, including springs for all types of watches;
    9. lead pellets for ammunition (commodity item 9306) or other products of section XIX (firearms and ammunition);
    10. products of group 94 (e.g., furniture, mattresses frames, lamps and lighting equipment, illuminated boards, pre-engineered enclosures);
    11. products of group 95 (e.g., toys, games, sport inventory);
    12. hand sieves, buttons, pens, holders for pencils, pen points or other products of group 96 (various ready products); or
    13. products of group 97 (e.g., objects of art).
  2. In all Nomenclature the term "general application parts" means:
    1. products of сommodity item 7307, 7312, 7315, 7317 or 7318 and similar items of other basic metals;
    2. springs, carriage springs and plates for them of basic metals, except for springs for watches of all types (commodity item 9114); and
    3. products of commodity items 8301, 8302, 8308, 8310, as well as frames and mirrors of basic metals of сommodity item 8306.
    In groups 73 - 76 and 78 - 82 (with the exception of сommodity item 7315) the references to parts of goods do not include references to parts of general application parts, defined above.
    Provided the provisions of the previous paragraph and Note 1 to group 83 are complied with, the products to be included in group 82 or 83 are excluded from groups 72 - 76 and 78 - 81.
  3. In all Nomenclature the term "basic metals" means: ferrous metals (iron, pig iron and steel), copper, nickel, aluminum, lead, zinc, tin, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, magnesium, cobalt, bismuth, cadmium, titanium, zirconium, antimony, manganese, beryllium, chrome, germanium, vanadium, gallium, hafnium, indium, niobium (columbium), rhenium or thallium.
  4. In all Nomenclature the term "metaloceramic" means the materials, composed of heterogeneous mixture of metallic and ceramic components. This term is also referred to sintered metal carbides (metal carbides, sintered with metal).
  5. The classification of alloys (except for ferro-alloys and addition alloys, specified in groups 72 and 74):
    1. basic metals alloys are classified as alloy of that metal, which content in weight is higher than content of any other metal;
    2. basic metals alloy, included in this section, and elements, not included in this section, is classified as alloy of basic metals of this section, if weight of relevant metals is equal or higher total weight of other elements comprising such alloy;
    3. in this section the term "alloys" is referred to sintered mixtures of metallic powders, heterogeneous homogenous mixtures, derived by alloying (except for metaloceramic), and intermetallic compounds.
  6. If not specified otherwise in the context, any reference in Nomenclature to any basic metal includes reference to alloys, which in accordance with the above Note 5 are to be classified as alloys of this metal:
    products of basic metal (including of mixed materials, considered, in accordance with Major regulations for Nomenclature interpretation, as products of basic metals), containing two or more metals, are classified as products of that metal which is prevailing in weight, except for the special situations.
    Fo the purposes of this Note:
    1. ferrous metals of various types are to be considered as one and the same metal;
    2. in accordance to Note 5 to the section, alloy is classified by one metal;
    3. metaloceramic included in commodity item 8113, is classified as single basic metal.
  7. In this section the following terms mean the following:
    1. "waste and scrap" - metallic waste and scrap, derived in the process of production or mechanical treatment of metals, as well as metal products, which are completely unsuitable for the further use in the capacity, they were intended for, due to wrecking, cutting, wear and tear or other reasons;
    2. "powders" are the products, 90 weight fr.% content of which or or more may be screened through sieve with cell size of 1 mm.
Group 72. Ferrous metals
Group 73. Products of ferrous metals
Group 74. Copper and products of copper
Group 75. Nickel and products of nickel
Group 76. Aluminum and products of aluminum
Group 78. Lead and products of lead
Group 79. Zinc and products of zinc
Group 80. Tin and products of tin
Group 81. Other basic metals; metaloceramic; their products
Group 82. Tools, appliances, cutlery, spoons and forks of basic metals; their parts of of basic metals
Group 83. Other products of basic metals

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