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  1. this Section is exclusive of goods of commodity items 9501, 9503 or 9508, as well as bobsleigh sledges, toboggans or similar items of commodity item 9506.
  2. The terms "parts" and "parts and accessories" not applicable in respect to following products regardless of the fact that they could be identified as items meant for goods of this section:
    1. bondings, shims, gaskets and similar items manufactured of any material (classified in accordance with material they were manufactured of, or in commodity item 8484) or other goods of vulcanized rubber, except hard rubber (commodity item 4016);
    2. general purpose parts manufactured of non-noble metals (Section XV) in accordance with Notice 2 to section XV or similar plastic products (Group 39);
    3. goods of group 82 (instruments);
    4. products of commodity item 8306;
    5. machines and equipment of commodity items 8401 - 8479 or their parts; products of commodity items 8481 or 8482 or, if they are components of engines or power plants, products of commodity item 8483;
    6. electrical machinery or equipment (Group 85);
    7. goods of group 90;
    8. goods of group 91;
    9. weapons (Group 93);
    10. lamps or lighting equipment of commodity item 9405; or
    11. brooms, usable as parts in transportation vehicles (commodity item 9603).
  3. in Groups 86 - 88 the terms "parts" and "accessories" not applicable to parts or accessories, which not using exclusively or mainly with products of these groups. Parts and accessories, which may be subsumed to two or several commodity items of these groups, should be included into that commodity item, witch corresponds to main usage of these parts or accessories.
  4. in this section:
    1. transportation vehicles, specially engineered for movement as well as on roads and rails, are included in relevant commodity item of group 87;
    2. amphibian vehicles are included in relevant commodity item of group 87;
    3. flight vehicles, specially engineered for usage as ground transportation vehicles, are included in relevant commodity item of group 88.
  5. hovercrafts should be included in this section in those groups, which specifications of transportation vehicles they are correspond to, videlicet:
    1. in group 86, if they are meant for movement on guideway (hoverctaft trains);
    2. in group 87, if they are meant for movement overland only or overland and aquatically;
    3. in group 89, if they are meant for movement aquatically, no matter, if they can land ashore or pull in berth as well as move overice.
Parts and accessories of hoverctaft should be classified just the same as parts and accessories of transportation vehicles commodity item, in which these hoverctaft are included in accordance with abovementioned Notices.

Track equipment and its devices for hovercraft trains should be classified as equipment and devices of railway network, while signaling equipment, safety devices and handling devices of these systems - as signaling equipment, safety devices or handling devices of railroads.

Additional Notices:
  1. subject to provisions of additional Notices 3 to group 89, instruments and ware, necessary for handling or maintenance of ground transportation vehicles, flight vehicles or watercraft, should be classified with these ground transportation vehicles, flight vehicles or watercraft, if they are represented together with them. Other accessories, presentational together with ground transportation vehicles, flight vehicles or watercraft, as well should be classified together with them, if they are part of usual completing units of these machines and usually are on sale together with them.
  2. upon application of customs applicant and subject to conditions, stated by competent authorities, provisions of the Fundamental rules of interpretation 2a of Nomenclature are applicable as well to products of commodity items 8608, 8805, 8905 and 8907, imported by parcels.
Group 86. Railroad engines or motor railcars, railway vehicles and their parts; rolling-stock and devices for railroads or street railways and their parts; mechanical (included electromechanical) signaling equipment of all types
Group 87. Ground means of transportation, except railway or street railway rolling-stock, and their parts and implements
Group 88. Flight vehicles, space vehicles and their parts
Group 89. Watercraft, boats and floating structures

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