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Is it necessary to submit the List of goods pursuant to subparagraph “d” of par. 3.3 of Regulations for each supply?

The price list of goods (hereinafter the price list), included by an organization-exporter in its assortment of goods for export sales in the Russian Federation is to be submitted together with all required documents forwarded to the FCS of Russia by a foreign organization-exporter in accordance with par. 3.3 of the Regulations and Appendix 1 to the Regulations.

A price list is to define the brands, models and prices for all goods, which are to be supplied as per foreign trade supply contract and also the term of validity of these prices.

There is no requirement to submit price lists for each supply.

At the same time in case of alteration of these prices, and also in case of any alterations with respect to relevant brands or models, one should submit to the FCS of Russia not later than 15 days prior to the expected conveyance of goods into the customs territory of the Russian Federation the specification of the period of validity of the new prices.

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