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An organization-exporter of goods, an affiliate of an organization-manufacturer submits to the FCS the documents in accordance with paragraph 3 of “The List of documents to be submitted by an organization – exporter to the State Customs Committee of Russia” (Appendix 1 to the List, hereinafter “The List”). Subparagraphs “c” and “d” of the paragraph contain the requirement of translation of documents into the Russian Language and authentication of the copies in accordance with established order. Does the above mean that the documents specified in subpara. “а” and “b” should be apostiled?
What kind of “established procedure of authentication of copies” is described in subparagraph “e” of paragraph 3.3 of Regulations and subparagraph “а” and “b” of paragraph 3 of the List?
Is it necessary for an affiliate company of an organization-manufacturer, in addition to the documents specified in par.3 of the List to submit the documents for the organization-manufacturer as specified in par.1 of the List?
According to par. 3.1. of Regulations, an organization-exporter is to have its first sale of the imported goods in the Russian Federation in its own name. What is the procedure and documentary process needed for the goods to be sold in order to be compliant with such a requirement?
Is it necessary to submit the List of goods pursuant to subparagraph “d” of par. 3.3 of Regulations for each supply?
Are the documents specified in subpararaph. “f” par. 3.3 of the Regulations identical to the documents specified in par. 3.3 of the Regulations? What is the procedure of application of subparagraph “f” of par. 3.3 of the Regulations if an organization-exporter and a Russian organization importing goods have a dealer’s agreement?
Who is acting as a declarant? (par.3.5 of Regulations)
What format is required by the FCS (State Customs Committee) of Russia for presenting information in accordance with par. 3.9 of the Regulations?
What is the term of consideration of documents and of inclusion of the organization in the list of organizations importing goods whose customs value control is carried out as per “simplified procedure”?

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