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I. General Provisions

  1. The Advisory Council for implementation of customs policy under the auspices of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, hereinafter Council, had been formed in accordance with subparagraph 14 of Article 408 of the Customs Code of the Russian Federation (Code of Laws of the Russian Federation, 2003, ? 22, cl. 2066) and on the basis of paragraph 6.8 of Regulations for the Federal Customs Service, approved by the Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 21.08.2004 ? 429 (Code of Laws of the Russian Federation, 2004, ? 35, cl. 3637).
  2. The Council is an advisory body. The purpose of forming the Council was to promote cooperation and interaction between the FCS of Russia and participants of foreign trade activity, other persons whose activity is related to foreign economic activity, and their professional associations on the issues of implementation of the most efficient methods of customs processing and customs control.
  3. The Council is comprised of representatives of the FCS of Russia and business circles.
    The Council may be extended by inclusion of representatives of other federal executive authorities by decision of the Chairman of the Council and with agreement of such
  4. representatives.
  5. The Council in its activity is guided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal constitutional laws, federal laws, decrees and regulations of the President of the Russian Federation, regulations and arrangement of the Government of the Russian Federation, international agreements of the Russian Federation, regulatory legal acts in the field of customs, legal acts of the FCS of Russia, Regulations for the FCS of Russia, and also by the Regulations on the Advisory Council for implementation of customs policy under the auspices of the FCS of Russia and by the rules on the Council operation (hereinafter - Rules).
  6. The Rules define the following matters pertaining activities of the Council:
    • scheduling of the activities of the Council;
    • preparation of the materials for meetings of the Council;
    • procedure of conducting meetings of the Council;
    • processing and implementation of the decisions of the Council;
    • functioning of commissions, sections and target working groups of the Council.
  7. The Council operates on principles of voluntary participation, self-rule, openness, and independence in making decisions within the competence of the Council.

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