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III. The Authority of the Council

  1. In accordance with the tasks above, the Council:
    1. studies and analyzes efficiency of customs procedures applied, detects the reasons for unjustified demurrage of transport vehicles, storing of goods at temporary storage warehouses, untimely release of goods and transport means;
    2. discusses draft legal acts, developed by the FCS of Russia or with participation of the FCS of Russia;
    3. presents proposals on procedure and methods of customs processing subject to the types of goods, conveyed across the customs border of the Russian Federation, type of transport, used for such conveyance of goods, categories of persons, conveying goods and transport means;
    4. detects excessive administrative barriers in the area of customs procedure, works out proposals on eradication of such barriers;
    5. makes proposals on reducing and/or defining in more detail of the list of documents and information used during customs processing;
    6. studies the problems of implementation of information technologies into day-to-day operation of customs authorities;
    7. considers the issues of law enforcement practice of customs authorities, of material importance to the interests of business circles, including, protection by customs authorities of intellectual property rights, the interests of Russian manufacturers of goods and consumers;
    8. analyzes the practice of establishing and application of special simplified procedures for authorized persons;
    9. makes proposals on the sources of information, used in analysis of risks and management of risks in the area of customs;
    10. makes proposals on the improvement of efficiency of operation of customs brokers (representatives), and other persons engaged into commercial activity in the area of customs;
    11. discusses the issues of the functioning of the system of guaranties in the area of customs;
    12. studies the efficiency of implementation and using of preliminary declaration, simplified, special procedures of declaring goods and transport means;
    13. works out proposals and recommendations in the form of analytical and information materials, drafts legal acts and other documents;
    14. invites to the meetings of the Council representatives:
      • customs offices of the Russian Federation, as well as of organization in jurisdiction of the FCS of Russia;
      • legislative and executive authorities;
      • business circles;
      • public organizations;
      • mass media;
    15. requests from customs authorities, other state authorities, and also from organizations and persons materials and information required for the fulfillment of the tasks of the Council;
    16. forms permanent and temporary commissions, sections, working groups and other bodies to resolve the its tasks.

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