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Customs information systems modernization
Information on Implementation of the World Bank Project on Modernization of the Information System of Customs Authorities
Loan Agreement dated 31.10.2003 № 4689-RU between the Russian Federation and the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development set aside 140 million United States dollars for implementation of the Customs Development Project (hereinafter - Project).

The purpose of the Project is complex modernization of the information system of customs authorities of the Russian Federation, targeted to improve regulatory-legislative basis, working processes and information technologies.

The Project envisages measures on the following directions:

Direction 1: Improvement of customs offices operation procedure.

Within this direction there will be optimized and, if required, developed new procedures of customs processing and customs control, of interaction with participants of foreign economic activity, control and other interested organizations, control after release of goods, transit of goods, application of the measures of tariff and non-tariff regulation, bringing regulatory-legislative basis in compliance with the international requirements

Direction 2: Institutional development of customs authorities.

The direction envisages further improvement of work in the field of organization and management of customs service, informatization of management and regulatory control of operational work and law enforcement.

Direction 3: Information technology and infrastructure.

This direction envisages works to develop the existing telecommunication infrastructure, to design, develop and implement the Single Automated Data System (EAIS) of the third order, and also to upgrade the pool of computer and special wares.

Direction 4: Project management

The FCS of Russia is to provide for the efficient management of the Project implementation, and also for the timely and rational distribution of resources, procurement, and management of the allocated finance

Project implementation shall promote development of foreign trade of the Russian Federation, improvement of customs administration, setting up of an efficient system of customs control with significant simplification of customs processing procedures and on the basis of this increase of turnover and collection of customs payments.

At that it provides for:

  • stable functioning of customs authorities and implicit execution of the tasks set;
  • transparency and predictability of the actions of customs authorities for participants of foreign economic activity, partner's approach in relations of customs authorities and participants of foreign economic activity, and creation of efficient procedures of resolving disputes;
  • strengthening of the course of law and legal order in the field of foreign economic activity, unconditional compliance by all participants of foreign economic activity with the standards of national and international laws;
  • harmonization and unification of the Russian legislation in accordance with the world standards, approximation of Russian customs legislation and customs legislation of the countries of the EEC, strengthening of the positions of the Russian Federation in international organizations having to do with customs;
  • enhancement of the efficiency of the system of human resources management and its adaptation to modern conditions;

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